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PROJECT aims to inform involve educate young people on sustainable way of living!

Below you can find a timeline blog where you can see and read by day what we done prior, during and after main project activity :)

This project is supported under the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Grant Programme for Nordic-Baltic Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGO) Cooperation 2021 Lithuania.


Project presented to Kaunas IN

Mano Europa team visited Kaunas Tourism Information Center "Kaunas IN" and presented the project "My city, my sustainability" and a developed mobile app "City Compass" which involved 3 European cities - Kaunas, Tartu and Aarhus. During the meeting we aimed to promote the project results and with the help of Kaunas city tourism office to inform visitors about the new tool which they can use for free in order to contribute towards a more sustainable way of living, exploring the city while traveling and doing business. Future cooperation opportunities, as well as development of additional features were discussed during the meeting.

Kaunas presents a new space for innovation: everyone will be able to turn sustainable business ideas into reality

A circular economy workshop opened its doors next to KTU Santaka Valley. With the help of 3D printers and other equipment, developers will be able to put their ideas into practice. Not only representatives of science, but also all residents of Kaunas are welcome to visit the new spaces. The innovation laboratory, which promotes sustainable production solutions and a renewable economy, is the first and so far the only center of such kind in Lithuania. A clean technology and training space has been established in the student campus of Kaunas University of Technology (Studentų St. 54). Here, visitors can use 3D printers, computers with modeling equipment, laser cutting machines, plotter devices and sewing machines. There are also premises for training or thematic meetings. In the workshop, you can repair, process or recycle electronic devices, wood and plastic. Wood and aluminum processing, laser cutting machines, and circular saw can also be operated in this space.

MARCH 2022

My city, my sustainability seminar

In March 2022 we continued with other activites in frame of our "My city, my sustainability" project. Therefore, from 9th to 12th March, 2022 all three organizations attended a seminar meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania organized by Mano Europa organization. During the meeting we addressed following items: shared and discussed results of our research activity, showed examples of good sustainability practices in our cities, established criteria's for the CityCompass mobile app, identified the points of interest in our cities, finalized the criteria's and points of interest for the digital tool.


Green guide for students coming to University (DK)

Today we present you a very nice initiative from Aarhus University. It is a so called “green guide” for a more ecologically friendly and sustainable stay of students in the Aarhus. In the Aarhus University (AU) Green Guide, you can find more inspiration on how you can contribute to a greener university and have a “greener” stay while at AU. This guide was first qualified by employees and students from the AU Green Network, then by various AU researchers, and, finally, it was collated into this guide. All of the ideas presented in this guide will have an impact to current and future students. But the greatest potential for CO2 reductions is in the transport and food areas.



Tartu 2024, created an environmental strategy, which aims to place the environmental activites of the European Capital of Culture into the wider global and European context and to identify the most important environmental aspects in Estonia based on the example of Tartu and Southern Estonia. In order to leave a lasting positive environmental impact, Tartu 2024 involved the Tartu City Government's Culture Department and the Environment Department, the Tartu County Development Association and the cultural managers in the City of Tartu in the drafting of the strategy. Already this summer, the City of Tartu will abide by the Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events when organising the Car-Free Avenue. This means that the organisers will take into account requirements in seven categories: materials and purchases; catering and the use of water; transportation; energy and resource efficiency; surroundings and community; waste management; and communication. Tartu 2024 strives towards four large goals, which we believe can be reached and we encourage Tartu and Southern Estonian cultural managers to contribute to reaching the goals in cooperation with us:
● By 2025, a cultural management inventory pool has been created in the municipalities of the Tartu 2024 region (affordable services), which can be rented and shared with others (decorations, frames for trash cans, dishes and so forth) and which allow to organise public and cultural events without using single-use solutions (in 2022 a clear numerical goal will be confirmed).
● By 2025, environmentally friendly food (organic and local) will be offered and redistributing leftover food from the events has become a norm (in 2022 a clear numerical goal will be confirmed).
● By 2025, separate waste collection has become a norm at events (this means that 90% of events have been organised in a way that waste is collected separately).
● By 2025, more environmentally friendly energy and transportation solutions will be used at events compared to 2022.

November 2021

Sustainability practices in daily life - Research activity report

For three months three NGO's, each in their city, were implementing a research activity where we were collecting information about peoples habit in regards of utilizing sustainability practices in their daily life.

Kick off meeting: My city my sustainability project

We started our "My city, my sustainability" project with a kick off meeting via Zoom platform held on 30th September. During the meeting we presented and discussed the project activities in details, set deadlines for each planned activity, got to know situation in each partner country regarding COVID-19 pandemic in order to plan the activities accordingly.


AARHUS DENMARK Danish Youth Team is a non-profit organisation with an international background, targeting youngsters from all across Denmark. Our aim is to involve both youngsters and students into various international projects in order to expand their horizon in matter of knowledge and interpersonal skills. The organization persuades the following objectives: • To engage young people in intercultural learning and dialogue process through non-formal education, • To promote a sustainable life by recycling, upcycling and protecting the environment; • To promote a healthy lifestyle by involving youngsters and youth workers in outdoor activities and sport in general; • To promote human rights education among young people by making them more tolerant, open-minded and empathic, • To foster youth participation, active citizenship and involvement in democratic processes locally, • To raise awareness on various educational opportunities available for young people through Erasmus+ Info Days, • To improve young people’s competences, personal and professional development for widening their employability perspectives Facebook Website
TARTU ESTONIA Seiklejate Vennaskond is a youth and civil society organization, which connects active adventurous people together. We work mainly with young people, but also with youth workers, trainers, teachers and organizations active in non-formal education field and lifelong learning. Our members have participated and organized different youth exchanges, seminars and training courses concerning equality, fight against racism & xenophobia, human rights, mobility and migration, environment protection, healthy lifestyle, no hate speech movement, refugees and other issues. Our volunteers gather every month to take up new ideas and think how to put them into practice. We sincerely believe that young people today can make a difference and we all work for this purpose. Facebook Website

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